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Explore Edgewood Estates in Comox

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January 31, 2024
A closeup of the MacDonald Wood boardwalk in Comox, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

If you were looking for Comox homes for sale, you’re in the right place. The Comox Valley is a gorgeous, family-friendly place to live on Vancouver Island. We do have Comox MLS listings if you’re interested, but we bet you want a bit more information before putting in any offers.

So, let’s explore how it feels to live on Vancouver Island, starting from your new home in Edgewood Estates.

Another view of the front exterior for 1168 Silversmith

What is it like to live in Comox?

On a beautiful summer day, you gently wake up and greet the day. Attached to your bedroom is your personal walk-in closet and ensuite, allowing you to take the time to care for yourself before entering the rest of the home.

1168 Silversmith Place bedroom

After you are showered and dressed, you leave your room and quickly sneak some laundry into the machine. You think to yourself how convenient it is to have a dedicated laundry room so close to your bedroom as you walk towards the kitchen. Gone are the days of clothes piling on top of furniture.

As you enter the main living space, you see your spouse is in the kitchen preparing a delicious breakfast displayed on the white marble kitchen island. A plate is already waiting for you at the breakfast table, where you have a view of the fireplace from the open concept design. The home has soaring vaulted ceilings, making even the most mundane parts of your day feel more exciting and grand.

1168 Silversmith Place view of dining and kitchen areas

During your conversation over coffee, you see your teenager has finally joined the living from their bedroom downstairs. They have their own bathroom downstairs, so you can keep the main powder room clutter-free. Also in the basement is a full legal suite, which is currently rented out to generate some passive income. It is being rented by a couple of international students that are attending the nearby North Island College. In later years, it will be nice to have a place for your aging parents. Family is important to you, afterall.

1168 Silversmith Place second bathroom with another large shower

After everyone has had a bite to eat, your spouse ducks into the study for a Zoom meeting, your teen heads out the door, and you decide to visit Goose Spit Park to catch the ocean breeze before heading to work. You have plans with your family to relax at Kye Bay’s sandy beach later in the day, but it doesn’t hurt to visit the ocean multiple times in one day. With the ocean surrounding Comox on three sides, it’s just too hard to pass up the opportunity to enjoy it when you can see it almost wherever you go.

chairlist near Comox

Exploring Comox: things to do

On most days, you enjoy an evening stroll around the block with your spouse. Comox has a relatively low crime rate, so you feel much safer here than when you were living in Vancouver as a student at UBC. The high number of cul-de-sacs helps keep traffic at a minimum, too. You see plenty of greenery and natural treelines during your strolls.

When the inspiration hits, you extend your workout to the Comox Community Centre’s gym and many fitness classes. When the weather is fair (which is most of the year), your family enjoys riding their bikes, swimming in the ocean, or having a few rounds of pickleball at Highland Park.

Several home businesses help keep Comox neighbourhoods pristine. Your spouse works remotely from home, which makes it so much easier to plan trips and outings together. Other local businesses include massage and athletic therapists, reflexologists, and estheticians within walking distance of your home. You don’t feel the same sense of traffic congestion or pollution as in larger cities due to less people commuting.

The strong sense of community can be felt at the local farmers’ market, breweries, beaches, and general atmosphere. Comox feels like a small town but has access to a large number of amenities. Its sister city, Courtenay, is located on the western border and provides even more things to do.

At the end of the day, you are thankful that you were able to build your own piece of paradise in the Comox Valley, with help from the professionals at Ballard Fine Homes.

1168 Silversmith Place living space with kitchen in background

Ballard Fine Homes is your trusted dream house builder

Building dream homes is what we do at Ballard Fine Homes. From luxurious mansions to practical family homes that help you reach your goals faster, we are here every step of the way.

Many of our clients have been retirees looking for luxurious homes, small families seeking a quality home in a safe neighbourhood, and dreamers looking for that perfect home.

Working with us is an enjoyable, stress-free experience. We take pride in committing ourselves to our clients by building trusting relationships and ensuring you are completely satisfied. When it comes to details, we strive for nothing less than perfection so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your new home.

1168 Silversmith Place alt view of bathroom showing double sinks and bath tub

More information about Comox homes for sale

Comox is a largely residential city located in the Comox Valley, east of Courtenay. It’s a great place to find larger homes making it highly desirable for families. The local airport and ferry routes are convenient for travellers, though there are plenty of reasons to stay! White sandy beaches, lush forests, and gorgeous mountains create a scenic atmosphere complimented by a community of friendly residents. You can read more about Comox in another one of our articles.

We are privileged to have built several homes in Comox. View our Comox real estate listings or contact us for the opportunity to start building your custom dream home. We look forward to hearing from you!