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Celebrity Homes

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March 8, 2023
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Wouldn’t it be great to live in a mansion like celebrities do? It sounds nice, but what exactly provides the “wow factor” of a celeb’s home versus our own humble abodes? We may not have $29 million dollars hanging around to buy Jim Carrey’s mansion, but we can take a peek inside celebrity homes like his for design features we like, and then put them in our own homes to add just a little bit more luxury to our lives.

Examples of Famous Celebrity Homes

It can be fun to look at photos of celebrity homes to get inspiration for colour schemes, furniture styles, and decorative elements. Check out these celebrity mansions and their glamorous design choices.

  1. Graceland is the former home of legendary musician Elvis Presley, located in Memphis, Tennessee. The estate features a large mansion, a museum, a meditation garden, and other attractions.
  2. Neverland Ranch is the former home of the late pop star Michael Jackson, located in Santa Barbara County, California. The estate features a large mansion, a zoo, an amusement park, to name a few.
  3. The Playboy Mansion is the former home of Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner, located in Los Angeles, California. The estate features a large mansion, a grotto, a zoo, and other luxury amenities.
  4. Although it might not be the first one you think of, The White House is the official residence of the President of the United States, located in Washington, D.C. The historic mansion features a multitude of rooms, including the Oval Office, the Lincoln Bedroom, and the East Room.
  5. Versailles is the home of billionaire businessman David Siegel and his family, located in Windermere, Florida. The massive estate features a 90,000 square foot mansion, a bowling alley, a skating rink, and other opulent amenities.

These famous celebrity homes are often open to the public for tours or have been featured in movies, TV shows, and other forms of media, making them cultural landmarks in their own right. If you’re able to pay a visit in person, it just might be worth your while.

Celebrity design with Ballard Fine Homes

Exterior and interior designs influenced by celebrities can help our homes feel more luxurious and glamorous. There are several ways you can bring some celebrity style into your home, based on looking at their homes for their design choices. Having expensive taste means more than just buying the priciest items – there also needs to be a flow behind the design. Some features within celebrity mansions get repeated time and time again, indicating they are usually in good taste.

Don Ballard and his team have first-hand experience building luxury vacation homes for celebrities. Singer and actress Marie Osmond raved about Ballard Fine Homes, stating “I met Don as a Builder and was unbelievably impressed with his work, ability and personality. His quality of build was second to none. I had Don customise my residence and I trusted him enough to finish my home to his taste and fully furnish my home.” Experiences like these have ensured that Ballard Fine Homes is a trustworthy company, in both building and designing custom homes.

So what features are commonly seen in celebrity homes?

Size and grandeur

Many celebrity homes are often large and impressive, with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and expansive living spaces. Selling your home and purchasing a larger one is one way to add size and grandeur, but a home renovation can do the trick, too.

A minimalist design can go a long way, especially in smaller spaces. Less clutter can make rooms look and feel larger. As many celebrity homes are designed by a professional interior designer, you can bet piles of paper and clutter are not high on the recommendation list! Tidy up your space and consider each piece carefully. In many cases, the phrase “less is more” may contribute to spaces getting closer to mimicking celeb styles.

Luxury amenities

Luxurious faucet and sink.

Celebrities often indulge in luxurious amenities such as home theatres, indoor and outdoor pools, gyms, saunas, and spa facilities.

In your own home, transforming a bathroom into a spa room can make your home look and feel more indulgent. Deep soaker tubs, heated floors, thick plush towels, and high-end features like touchless faucets are some ways you can transform your bathroom.

That dusty, old recreation room could use an upgrade, too. Modify it into a home theatre or go in the opposite direction with a home gym complete with a built-in sauna. Often these larger rec rooms are found in older homes, making them a great blank canvas to transform into whatever you’d like.

High-end finishes

High-end finishes and materials, such as marble countertops, hardwood flooring, and designer fixtures, are commonly found in celebrity homes. Consider investing in a statement piece, such as a designer sofa or antique dining table, to add a touch of luxury to your own space.

Celebrities also often display art and sculptures in their homes to add visual interest and sophistication. You can add similar pieces to your own space to create a high-end, curated look.

Statement lighting fixtures

Lighting can add drama and elegance to any room. Consider adding chandeliers, pendant lights, or other statement lighting fixtures to create a Hollywood-style ambiance.

Chandeliers are common in dining spaces, while a row of pendant lights often looks great above a kitchen island. Master bedrooms are an excellent place to display other statement lighting fixtures.

Smart high-tech features

Many celebrities opt for high-tech features, such as home automation systems, security systems, and sound systems.

Smart appliances are becoming more and more popular, too. These appliances work with home automation systems like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to dynamically adjust settings for your appliances. Smart refrigerators are equipped with features like touchscreens, built-in cameras, and Wi-Fi connectivity. They allow you to see what’s inside your fridge remotely, create grocery lists, and receive alerts when food is expiring. Smart thermostats can learn your daily routine and adjust the temperature in your home automatically. You can control them remotely using a smartphone app or voice commands, and they can also provide energy usage reports. Smart coffee makers can be programmed to make coffee at a specific time and can be controlled remotely using a smartphone app. Some models also have built-in grinders and can adjust the strength and flavour of your coffee.

Patio design and other outdoor spaces

The space beneath a backdoor patio.

Many celebrity homes feature expansive outdoor spaces, such as large yards, patios, balconies, and gardens. There may even be something unexpected like a tennis court. There is no limit!

In your own yard, you may opt for luxurious amenities such as a hot tub, swimming pool, zen garden, or a fully furnished patio with beautiful outdoor furniture under a gazebo.

Home security

Due to their high-profile status, many celebrities place a premium on privacy and security, often investing in gated entrances, home security cameras, and other measures to ensure their safety and privacy.

Fencing your property is usually a desirable way to increase the value of your home. As it defines your property line, adding a little bit of extra care to how it looks can make a world of difference. Automatic gated driveway entrances mean that you won’t have to leave your vehicle to open and close your gate. This is a practical and safe improvement to consider.

Are you inspired to build your own custom luxury home?

Those looking for a luxury custom home builder need to look no further than Ballard Luxury Homes. Get inspired with celeb designs used by Kourtney Kardashian, Dwayne Johnson, or Joanna Gaines to name a few. Create your own modern farmhouse living room, personal spa, or upgrade to smart appliances to make everyday life a little easier.

You now have an idea of what celebrity homes look like, so now you can design your own home just the way you like it using only the best features. Our Vancouver Island home builders are highly experienced and knowledgeable about exterior and interior design trends and functionality. As Marie Osmond mentioned, “I’ve known Don Ballard for almost 10 years now and had an instant connection with him.” The team behind Ballard Fine Homes is intuitive when it comes to design; it isn’t about simply copying trendy celebrity designs. We know first-hand what design features celebrities request and can assist you in making smart design choices to bring your vision to life. Go beyond the dream, and start living in your own custom luxury home.